Yoroi Rewards

When rewards are not withdrawn to main wallet are they not staked? Do I need to withdraw each epoch to ensure that they are staked?
In Daedalus the rewards were automatically staked as they went directly into the main wallet

Hey @Barney

No, you are totaly fine if you dont withdraw your rewards each epoch. Your rewards are paid to a own reward address wich is a part of your main wallet, which means they got automatically stakd aswell.



Thank you, very helpful.

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Tx, i’ve also been looking for this answer.
The confusing part is, that the Total Delegated value is equal to the Total ADA, and not the sum of the Total ADA and rewards.

I think this should be corrected

Total ADA → This balance includes rewards

Ohh, I missed that :see_no_evil: my bad. tx again

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