Stake rewards

Do I need to claim the staking rewards or it happens automatically?

If it happens automatically, is this logged any place?

If it doesn’t happen automatically, how do I claim staking rewords?

Nope you dont have to claim them if you dont want to spend them.

It depends on the wallet. With Daedalus you dont have to claim them, as you can simply make a transaction and your rewards will be used if needed.

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Thanks for your help.

I staked in nordic pool 10 adas. I gave 2 adas when when staking 10 adas. There was a transaction fee.
After doing all the math, I found I have extra 0.009228 adas. Is this the reward? If yes, does this mean there is no record of it?

I have daedalus wallet.

I think you dont see a statistic on Daedalus.

You can simply restore the wallet on Yoroi or Typhon to see your previous rewards.

Daedalus does show you the rewards in the delegation section at the “Rewards” tab:
It’s a bit strange that it shows “total rewards” including already withdrawn ones, but shows zero for my old wallet that definitely had earned some rewards, before I decommissioned it.

You can copy the stake address from there to or (at the latter click “Rewards Data for Taxes” and paste the address there). Both will show you a detailed breakdown of rewards per epoch.

I would take both with a grain of salt. PoolTool shows me the wrong total rewards for the wallet I deregistered and emptied a few weeks ago, because it does not take into account that deregistered stake keys do not get their rewards anymore. AdaStat has some fuckup with the Catalyst rewards and thinks that there are still some rewards in that wallet, while all other tools see zero funds there. :woman_shrugging:

The “Withdraw” button in Yoroi leads to a transaction like this:
Both, the input and output addresses belong to the same wallet and the stake key is an additional input. (In this case, it was also a deregistration and the 2 ADA deposit reappear out of the thin air of the protocol.)
It costs the transaction fee. So, you would not want to do this too often. And you don’t need to do it at all.

Daedalus, on the other hand, just uses the stake key automatically in “normal” transactions if rewards are available:
I did not tell it to do that. It’s just that some rewards were available and Daedalus decided to use them first, and only then fill up the transaction with “normal” funds.

So, regarding your “There is no record of it?” question: Yes and no. You can see the total rewards and rewards available in most/all of the wallet applications and blockchain explorers. You can see withdrawals of the rewards in most blockchain explorers. But the details of how the rewards get into the stake keys are only available on two of the explorers and very unreliable there.

I have asked myself and this forum the question, why this seems to be so hard to implement a few times, but nobody seems to be interested in this level of detail. After all, the nodes have to verify the correct amount of rewards, so the data should be there for each and every block producer and each and every Daedalus instance running.