Stop delegation, deny rewards?

Help. I am currently in my first epoch where rewards are calculated for staking. Just wanted to try staking. Now i figured out if i stake ada and actually receive rewards i will have to wait up to 10 years to be able to sell any of my ada tax free in my country.
If i just hold ada and do not stake ill be able to sell tax free after 1 year.
Is there a way to avoid getting rewards in Daedalus wallet e.g. by delete wallet or transfer ada to another wallet or is it too late?

Just don’t delegate, then you won’t get rewards. There should be an “un-delegate” function in which ever wallet you’re staking with.

please be fure, if you have to wait 10 years for all your ada or only the amount of rewards :wink:
dont loose the chance of earning rewards, and also be part of the cardano network :slight_smile:

with you stake, you provide trust to pools , and then the pool mint a block ,)

as i know for my country, where i live, there is different taxes…
for that reason every day i am payed with rewards, i have to announce the cost of the rewards for this individual day, when it was paid.
then i am fine.

the amount of ada i have bought, has really different taxes, when i will sell them.

i would love to stake ada. If i only have to pay taxes for rewards that would be no problem. Time to hold ada before i can sell all of the ada (base + rewards) tax free increases from 1 to 10 years if i earn interest (stake). Nobody seems to be 100% sure if the law in germany will apply for crypto but i dont want to take any risk. I think my only way out is to sell the ada and rebuy to “clean” it from staking. Yeah i have to pay taxes then but better now when the profit is low.

There is no undelegate function (button) for me. Seems this feature was removed :frowning:

Do you use Daedalus or Yoroi?

Daedalus as mentioned in my initial post

first of all, the best is to ask someone who is expert on this.
accounter, steuerbereter.
sorry but as i mentioned before, did you said " it is better to sell and buy more during a better price?
be careful because you have to pay taxes as you sell it, and it doesnt matter if you buy again with the same amount of money.

i never said, that you have to pay taxes only from the rewards.
the coins you bought, when you sell them, then you have to pay taxes only for the the win you have.
example, you bought with 1000 euro, you sell them and you have 100.000 euros. then you have to announce on finanzamt 99.000 win and you pay taxes for this amount.

case rewards
for every moment you receive taxes, you take notices and you will remember what was the cost in euros the day you have been payed. you give this euros as income during steuererklärung and you are ok with your rewards :wink:
because you receive new asset,

i have some poeple for germany they tell me, if you keep a coin 366+ days, it is steuerfrei.
reallly we have to make it clear this, but remember that has nothing to do this rewards.

which means, it is great if you delegate, it is only extra coins, and also you are part of network and decentralization.

The main problem is if you stake, the holding time until the sells of the ada you used to stake are tax free will ->MAY<- increase from 366 days to 10 years. Wont take the risk…

you info is… if you dont stake, you can have tax free after a year?

yes. At least it could be the case depends on how one’s Finanzamt decides to interpret the law.

yes, i have listen cases with not clear decisions.
for sure you decide, that would not be a reason not to be happy receiving rewards :wink:

You’re right! There’s no un-delegate function anymore in Daedalus. I swear it was in there before in a previous version. As a workaround, you could just create yourself a new wallet, move your funds to that new wallet, then don’t delegate.

Or u can donate ur rewards… donations not changing anything?

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