Stake rewards grow but... Will I see on my balance ever?

Hi to all,

I’m staking my wallet via Daedalus. ATM I have about 0.20 reward, grown every epoch.

But… I see them on “Rewards” tab with the text “Rewards earned by delegating […] are automatically collected […]” but my balance on wallet it is the same.

Am I missing something? I will see ever on my balance?

Thank you

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Just withdraw your rewards. :slight_smile:

Thank you… but… I have no button to withdraw. Maybe is there a minimum to wait? I’m staking from last 2 months.

Your rewards are already counted in your total balance.


Min. amount of ADA for transaction is 1. And you should consider about 0.17 transaction fee. However, for staking, your rewards are already included.

In other words: withdrawal of rewards is only for withdrawal from wallet.

Should be like @Psychomb said: do the math again, between the transactions, the balance and the rewards. Also do CTRL-D and check the Cardano Node Satus looking for syncing problems. If in fact the balance is not up to date, consider reinstalling the wallet (a pain because of the time it takes to synchronize everything). I did it a few times at the beginning due to syncing issues between blochs and delegated pools, and disparate information between daedalus and yoroi. Now everything is fine (Daedalus 4.0.5)

I’m planning to stake through Daedalus using the Trezor Model T and was wondering if someone could help me understand the following:

  1. Wanted to confirm that when I pair the Trezor to Daedalus and it shows that wallet in the Daedalus UI, it’s still just my Trezor wallet (I can delete the wallet from Daedalus if necessary and I won’t lose any funds, despite Daedalus warning me that I will). Funds can’t be sent through Daedalus without the Trezor attached and then entering the pin and passphrase for the wallet holding the balance.

  2. The rewards tab in Daedalus. Do the staking rewards go into my Trezor wallet address that is performing the staking? Or are they in a separate address? I know rewards are automatically staked, and I don’t plan on withdrawing them soon, but if I did want to withdraw them, how do I do that?

  3. Stop delegating. I did a trial delegation of 10 Ada. I see a way to redelegate to a new pool but not a way to stop delegating entirely. I realize there is no need to stop delegating aside from moving to an exchange but I’m just trying to fully understand the process. How would I get back the 2 Ada deposit if there’s no option to stop delegating?

  4. What happens if I open up and send the 10 Ada I’m staking (really 7.83 after deposit and transfer fees) to another wallet? I assume that if I paired back up to Daedalus it would show 0 Ada and therefore no staking. Just a thought, would this get my 2 Ada deposit back?

Thanks for the help!

Hi There!

  1. yes - Trezor hold the private key of your address so Daedalus just responsible for submitting the transactions signed by Trezor.
  2. the stake address is derived from the private key so still belongs together. Actually from previous answers I am little bit surprised that there is no withdraw button in Daedalus - will check it by myself (Yoroi has it).
  3. hmm maybe by deleting the wallet means you will deregister the stake certificate means getting back the 2 ADA - no sure. (Yoroi has this option)
  4. although you moved your funds the stake certificate still registered and wont be de-registered because of that.

Correct me please if i am wrong…! Assuming we start from the Daedalus platform (4.0.5) - no experience with Trezor:
1- a wallet is just a functional graphic user interface, to manage a specific asset and some other funcionalities associated with that asset (or several assets) - meaning that your assets, rewards, etc… are in fact running in the blockchain. So if you keep the private key of that “wallet” safe you allways will have access to your assets from any compliant “wallet”.
2- “restoring” your Daedalus wallet in a different “wallet” (third party GUI to manage your assets) is not a transaction. Pairing wallets do not envolve transactions (?). At least with YOROI there is no transaction involved - you can even run different Wallet platforms at the same time and they just will eventually sync.
3- There is no Undelegation button in Daedalus. In some forums I read that this is temporary. It had one before but not anymore. Yoroi do have that functionality.
4- Withdraw funds in order to get back the 2 ADA delegation deposit, and ALL the rewards due to one’s balance, shouldn’t lead to some strategy, because other wise you will lose 2 epochs of rewards always staked in advance ? Of course depending on how much important those rewards are.

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1 - yes, so these wallets kind a of a clients connecting to the blockchain - just like mail clients connect to a mail server. So each modification stored on the blockchain and all the clients just fetching the current status. your keys are the access to the addresses stored on the blockchain just like the password is the access to your mails stored on the mail server.
2 - yes, that is not a transaction, it is just reading the blockchain from another client…
3 - yes, by moving the funds from the address also terminates the staking.
4 - yes, agree you would loose the rewards for thoose 2 epoch time.

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  1. I’m seeing mixed things about Daedalus rewards. Can anyone confirm if they are deposited directly into your wallet that is staking? Has anyone ever withdrawn rewards?

Yes, rewards should be automatically added to the wallet balance. Try to use your wallet address here (the one you use to transfer funds between platforms), and see what the blockchain data tells you: Cardanoscan - Cardano Explorer

@Apcud7 yes, first check your stake address in - visit the pool where you delegated - go to the delegators tab - and find your stake - and address…
once you have the stake address ckeck the withdrawal history on cardanoscan as @anon11665776 suggested.