Yoroi testnet wallet issue

Hio All;
I am new to this testnet and yoroi. 21 years trading and a telecoms Eng for over 15 years.

I am looking to transfer my ada testnet tokens out and transfer them back to biance to trade.

But my deadalus wallet is not giving me access to it and i have transfered my coin to yoroi becuase i had no other choice.

Now i want to transfer them onto an exchange. But the ada addresses are not compatible .

anyone got a procedure on how to do this,

being asking support for help but i have not been getting any.
All i want to do is sell them now.
or at least put them onto my ledger. i am not interrsted in staking them.

  1. i want to transfer my coins from yoroi testnet wallet to an exchange
  2. address are not compatible. differnet address types on the exchange and on the yoroi wallet. it says not compatible when i put in the recieve address off my exchange wallet into yoroi send address.

anyone know how to solve this issue.



the ADA that is in the testnet, can not be sent to an exchange. It’s the testnet. You can only send ADA to/from exchanges on the mainnet. The testnet ADA value is only a temporary copy of the ADA value that was in your mainnet wallet when the snapshot happens. So, the ADA in the testnet is only there to test staking with stakepools.

Best regards,
Martin (ATADA)

That great information. But could you explain to me how can I get them back into my main wallet. My daedalus wallet is no longer working.

  1. How do I get my coin back to binance
  2. How do I remove my coins from what ever wallet they are on now testnet mainet. Yoroi to binance.

Thanks jo