Accessing Generated Yoroi Address

Hoping someone can help me recover some coins as I am not sure how I messed this up. In March 2019 I created a Yoroi wallet with my ledger and I transferred 1 of my 2 Daedalus wallet’s balance of 7,530 ADA over to it and then later moved my second wallet containing 539 ADA. See link for transaction log.
Yoroi Wallet Address.

In the latest transaction with that wallet, you’ll see I sent the 7,530 ADA to my exchange address and within Yoroi I clicked “generate new address” and then sent the 539 ADA to that address .

I am now looking in my Yoroi wallet and it is showing the address I generated and sent 539 ADA to under Address Book and says that it is an address that I don’t control but I can see my transactions… Is there any way to recover access to the coins in this generated address or did I mess this up and am out of luck? Any help is greatly appreciated!


How did u restored the wallet? As shelley or byron?

In 2019 we were in Byron era

Can u try to restore the wallet on ?


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Thanks for the response- it was Byron era. As far as restoring them goes, I’m not sure if that would help this situation because I created the Yoroi wallet by importing my main Daedalus wallet, but rather than then creating a new wallet or restoring my 2nd Daedalus wallet, I just went in Yoroi to Receive > Generate new address and then sent the balance of the 2nd Daedalus wallet to the newly generated address. So those 2 original wallets now have a zero balance, so I don’t think I could restore them unless I’m misunderstanding you

I figured it out after your last message, thank you! The issue was I had a Nano S and upgraded to an X. For some reason one of the wallets ended up getting added to the X while the other was only on the S. I just went through the steps of connecting to a new hardware wallet with the S plugged in and it found the account. Thanks for your help!