Nightmare on Wallet Version 0.12.0

Since updating to 0.12.0 and after Days to sync and yet more Days “Restoring Wallet” (which has still not moved from “1% - 3 weeks to complete” I’m really struggling. I cannot even get in to check if my 12 Word phrase is ok before I try to restore the whole thing as I’m still stuck. Not heard reply from support for a Day or 2 either.

I have now gone as far as starting a fresh installation on another Laptop so I can check if Recovery Phrase works. After 2 Days I’m at 8% sync…

Can anyone advise if this YOROI Wallet will work if I try a fresh install and will it take my recovery phrase?

At this point I just want to restore my Wallet and xfer out of this Wallet. Its been a nightmare since 1st using for me. Pains me to say that.

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Yes, Yoroi wallet seems quite successful at restoring Daedalus wallets that have issues. If you need a tutorial video I can post one.

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Yes please Ricky. Many thanks…

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Here ya’ go. I have set the start point of this video link to time 7:58 so it starts right at the “restore” point but if you have not watched the video before you may want to watch it from the beginning.



@ada88888 please behave. Thank you.

Many thanks Ricky.

I have created a new Yoroi Wallet and backed up.

I am trying now to transfer funds now from old Daedalus Wallet using my 12 word phrase.
All going well and I see the Total qty is correct.

However when I try to execute the final “Transfer” I get the messege “Unable to transfer funds” in RED.
No other message/info.

Do you know what the issue is?

Does anyone?

I am checking on Telegram. I seem to recall there is a bug where what you have seen may occur. I do recall seeing this error before.

Do you have Telegram Steven?

If you have Telegram you can contact Ruslan and send logs to verify the issue. Also, this may be a bug that will be fixed in an upcoming release. Here is a screen cap.

Good luck,

Thanks again Ricky. No I don’t have telegram. Not sure what it is actually. I have twitter though.
I’ll try and set it up to make contact…

Ok so confirmed I have the issue mentioned above and must wait for fix soon. Funds are safe so nothing I can do for now.

Thanks Ricky/Ruslan for assist anyway and will check for updates soon…


I just noticed on FB page that there was an update on Yoroi wallet (about a new “Export” function).

Does any one know if this fixes the above issue when trying to Restore Daedalus wallet to it?

Hi Steven,
A new update has just been released, please try the restore again now. This update should fix the issue you mention.