Transferring from Daedalus to Yoroi Using 24 Word Phrase

I am trying to transfer my Daedalus account to Yoroi, but I have a 24 word recovery phrase, and under the transfer options for Yoroi, it looks like the only options are 15 word phrase or 27 word phrase.

Is there a way to transfer to Yoroi using my 24 word phrase?

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You must go in yoroi and:

  • add wallet (shelley era) - restore

Hello and welcome to the community forum, @mystman1234

It happens that different wallet types have different types of seed phrase.

Wallet Era Type Number of words
Daedalus Byron Hot/Online 12
Yoroi Byron/ITN Hot/Online 15
Daedalus Shelley Hot/Online 24
Yoroi Shelley Hot/Online 15 / 24

First you must create a new wallet in Yoroi -Yoroi only shows the secret phrase once- and then Claim/Transfer funds and select 12 word seeds to transfer from

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Thanks! This worked!

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thanks…this solution solved problem…