How to recover password for yoroi byron wallet

I am trying to transfer my ADA from byron wallet to shelly but when I go to transfer it is asking for a password. Once I created a shelly wallet and put my recovery phrase is it supposed to automatically transfer the ADA from byron to shelley wallet ?
I do not have the password,please help what is the solution.I have the recovery phrase. I was able to restore the byron wallet but it did not ask for a password ?

Are you sure you have to enter a old spending password? Because i think you just have to set a new one because when you migrate your old Byron wallet to new Shelley wallet you will get a new seed.


Thanks perhaps I am not migrating from byron to shelely correctly. As I created a new shelley wallet. And am trying to transfer my ADA from byron to sheeley wallet that is when it is asking for a spending password. Can you please guide me as to how to migrate from byron to shelley ? Thanks


When u restore a wallet (shelley or yoroi) u will need to set the wallet name and spending password; when u restored the byron wallet did u set them? If not try to restore again the byron wallet but check and set the spending password; after this just send ur funds from byron to shelley wallet using the soending password for byron wallet!

Looks like this


Thanks. I restored the byron wallet , it did not ask me for a spending password. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

But u should have an option, are u sure u don’t have a box which should be mark if u want to set the spending password?

You have another option via but try with small amount first time when u will send ADA from adalite to yoroi shelley!!

Zyroxa and Alex. Thanks for your help. I was able to restore the old wallet and transfer to shelley and succesfully staked my ADA .

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glade to hear!

Happy delegation!