Cannot send ADA from Byron era wallet to new Shelly wallet

I am not able to send ADA from my Byron era wallet to the new Shelly wallet. I keeping getting a message “invalid password” . I have my original spending password but it does not work. Unless there is a fix for this, I would like to “recover” my wallet. I do have the recovery phrase but do not know how to do that. Then after I recover i hope i can send the ADA to my new Shelly wallet. Can someone point me to a article or tutorial to do this? I use MAC Catalina.

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Dear Roma,
Thank you for the advice about spoofing. No one has answered the question above. It seems like since the system is now in the Shelly era, one cannot recover a a Byron wallet. At least I do not see how to do that. Perhaps someone could send me step by step instructions? Or perhaps you know who i can write to. Or could it be just a software issue?

To recover Byron wallet using Daedalus 2 just click Add wallet, then Restore, then Daedalus wallet, then 12 words (Byron legacy wallet), then Continue.

Thanks so much rob. Before I do that, how can I check to make sure that the 12 words are correct? I know this is pretty elementary but I really appreciate your help . Stephen

There’s no need to check before actually trying it, just do it! :grinning:

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Just restore your wallet on Adalite it support the new upgrade go there

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I would like to check to make sure that the restore phrase is correct because if it is not then i lose all my ADA. Since my spending password is wrong i am concerned i may have the recovery phrase wrong too. So how can i check my recovery phrase?

You can try to install wallet on second workstation/laptop.
If you have no trusted other computer you can install new operating system for testing on virtual machine (VirtualBox for example)
It is time consuming to setup new VM, but for me it is sometimes very helpful, so the effort pays off :slight_smile:

Some questions: 1. Which wallet the old byron wallet?
2. which new operation system ? You mean Daedalus main net?
3. What is a virtual machine?
4. Why would that even be helpful?
I think i just need to check safely if my recovery phrase for Byron is correct. I am afraid if that also does not work, then perhaps my ADA will just disappear… Thanks so much for your help but you can see i don’t know much.

  1. yesterday I instaled new Dedalus 2.0.0. I restored old wallet from Byron, created new Shelly wallet, and moved ADA from Byron to Shelly. Everything is fine ( it took few hours to sync, but it was succesful) I recomend this option for you.

  2. By “new operating system” I’m referring to Linux for example. independent clean system for testing.
    You can test there whatever you want without worrying about your current OS (apps, settings, configs, data)
    But probably it is not recommended if you never used Linux before. You can try to install Win on Win.

  3. VM it is tool for run operating system inside other operating system. You can install Linux on Windows as “applicaton”, you can also install Win_XP on WIN_10. This is very useful for testing as a safe sandbox. You can google VirtualBox for example.

  4. If you dont know what is VM it would be not helpful for you, probably it will be a nightmare :wink:


First go to your wallet in Daedalus and click the Gear icon on the right where it says More. Check using settings > verify wallet recovery phrase.

If you cannot find that then

You don’t need to worry ablut deleting your wallet first, it will check itself. Simply goto add wallet then select restore. Select Daedalus wallet Byron 12 words Then enter your recovery phrase. If your phrase is is incorrect, it wont let you proceed because recovery phrases are specific, it if is wrong, it will tell you it is invalid. E.g. if you get the words in the wrong order or just one word wrong, it will tell you it is invalid.
If your recovery phrase is Ok, Daedalus will tell you a wallet already exists and then you know it is the correct phrase for the wallet you are trying to restore.
Also you could install Daedalus flight from Cardano official. Leave your existing Daedalus version closed and open Flight then recover your wallet using Add Wallet / Restore.

Thank you! Problem resolved.

I’m having the same problem, which instruction above did you use?