Daedalus wallet from Byron to Shelley?

Hi All,

I recently reinstalled the pc system and since then did not install Daedalus wallet (Byron) in my computer, but I have ADA coins stored in the wallet address. I was wondering can I use my recovering seed of Byron Daedalus wallet in the Shelley Daedalus wallet to recover my ADA? or Do i have to create a new Shelley Daedalus wallet? Thanks!


Download the latest version here, run and follow instructions.

Yes. The process is fairly simple. Recover your Byron wallet using new Daedalus and then it will ask you to create a Shelley wallet to move your funds to. Happy Staking!


So i get a new recovery phrase for the new wallet? I just put my byron recovery phrase is a save place.

Yes, the new Shelley wallet is connected to a new recovery phrase.

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Oke thanks for the answer. Then i can start digging a new 2 meter deep hole in the garden for the new recovery phrase :grinning: