New Shelley Password not recognised!

I’ve just set up my new Shelley wallet by transferring my ADA from the Byron wallet. All that went well, no problems.

However, when I try and stake my ADA Daedalus tells me my spending password is incorrect! How can that be since I had to use it to set up the wallet?

So now I have a shelley wallet but can’t stake my ADA.

Double check to make sure you are using your new spending password from your new Shelley wallet If you have somehow misplaced it or cannot remember it than you can always restore your wallet and create a new spending password. Best of luck.

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In case you can’t recall, or get ahold of the spending password that was used, regardless of reason. You can follow these steps.

  1. Make sure you have your recovery mnemonic key phrase. Do NOT skip this or you will lose your ADA. Under the wallet tab top right select More then Settings. Under Settings click “Verify wallet recovery phrase” ensure you can verify the recovery phrase successfully.

  2. Please be sure to perform step 1. Then you can actually proceed to delete the wallet and create a new one by restoring from your Wallet recovery phrase. Give it a new spending password and you’re all set with a new wallet.

Hope this help.
Your friendly stakepool operator: CPX

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Thanks for your response. Not sure what happened as I didn’t lose the password, but will restore.

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Cheers, thanks for the instructions. Good to know I can restore. And as you suggest I will ensure that the recovery phrase works before hand.

All the best