ADA Missing from Daedalus 12 Word Yoroi

My iphone was playing up, so I had to reinstall Yoroi Wallet, its asking for a 15 key phase, when I only have 12. I downloaded Daedalus wallett which took 12 hours, I restored my 12 key phase but all the ada is missing. Ive tried ada lite and the balance shows missing, the last time I saw my ADA it was staking in a pool in Yoroi. Can please anyone help, lost faith should of left it in the exchanges.

12 words were only used by Daedalus during Byron era. Staking was not possible during Byron. So, you must have created a 15 (Yoroi) or 24 (Daedalus) word Shelley wallet and transferred your ADA there.

Find the seed phrase for that wallet!

Trust me I have only 12 words, I restored my account 6 months ago when I got a new phone with the same keywords. I’m really confused