Daedalus/Ledger X Issue Withdrawing ADA

Hello, I’m not able to move ADA out of Ledger X hardware wallet connected to Daedalus wallet. I set up the transfer in Daedalus, then go through all the prompts in the Ledger X and once I confirm the transaction in the Ledger is just goes back to the “export private key” screen and the transaction never progresses in Daedalus. I have tried everything. I hope I haven’t lost access to my ADA. I just want to move them to a Daedalus soft wallet so that I can participate in Project Catalyst. They are currently staked via the hardware wallet but I read that shouldn’t make a difference and that there’s no way to unstake them. is that true? Please help!

I just tried to redelegate my stake to a new pool and that transaction hangs up as well and will not go through after confirming on the Ledger X.

No problem. Don’t panic @blockchainrick . Try again to send the ADA from your Daedalus wallet (paired with Ledger Nano X) to your other Daedalus wallet (for voting).

Usually it takes two times to do export private key. Make sure that the address is correct.

You can move your ADA even though it was staked.

Try to open your Ledger Live desktop app. Update your Ledger Nano X firmware to the latest one + update your Cardano version in your Ledger Live Manager.

It took 4 or 5 times to get it done but it did work finally. Not a very user friendly or intuitive interface. Thank you so much for the help.

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No problem. Glad to help @blockchainrick :+1:

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