Can I restore a wallet (Daedalus with Ledger Nano) WITHOUT the Ledger but with just the pass phrase of the Ledger?

Dear Forum

To enhance the security I am about to move my Adas from a Daedalus wallet to a new Daedalus wallet secured by a Ledger Nano S. Now I write a How-To document for my wife in case something happens to me. And as the Nano is a little complicated to use (to enter PIN and pass phrase) I wanted to know whether it is possible to restore the wallet (e.g. on a different computer) by installing the latest Daedalus > Add Wallet > Restore and then enter the pass phrase without using the Ledger?

I assume this should be possible but wanted to make sure :slight_smile:

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Hey @Cardandy

Check here : Restore my Ledger Nano S to any software wallet


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better teach her to ask here on forum each time when she has doubts… and teach her to not trust anybody…
will not be so hard to recover the wallet via ledger…