ADA lost after upgrade to New wallet

I had the same issue @wovidal
. Not sure what you meant by “didn’t recognize some transactions”, hopefully you were not hack or something. The support team advised that there will be feature released for restoring your Byron ADA using the Secret-1.0 folder.

If windows you can search the folder this way:
Cmd > dir secret.key /s /p

The importing feature is not available yet… so we need to wait a little bit longer for restoring.

That will be great, thats what we need.
I saw several transactions on Cardano explorer that I don’t recognize and my balance is way off in positive. I am sure there must be a bug or something going on. If I got hacked that will be really bad since my ADA was secured on the original wallet. I checked my balance periodically and was always there. I upgraded the wallet and my balance is zero. So thats definitely not on me but on them. I hope this can be fixed soon. Thanks for the info friend.

Wilson Vidal

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Hi Wovidal,

Just to clarify: Wallets are gateways to the blockchain, so any transaction is not a ‘bug’ but completed by someone.

Unfortunately as explained before, this is because the wrong seed phrase has been entered, it is entirely on the end user, no one else.

Once this import feature is in place, if your private keys are still stored on your computer and you gain access again, I strongly recommend creating a new wallet and moving your funds as you do not have the correct seed phrase.

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Hi @Lgbeano,

I understand your point but I had the same issue with my Byron pass phrase. I had the words written in different locations and make sure that they were part of the BIP39.

The words were not recognized while restoring on Yoroi/AdaLite.

The Cardano team is working on a process for restoring from the Secret-1.0 folder. So we can backup and keep that folder safe.

This sounds like a different issue jqfcr07. How many seed words does your phrase contain?

Byron Daedalus-1.0 has 12 words @Lgbeano

Try this… perhaps will help u

To get access to your funds located on your Daedalus wallet, you only need the 12-word recovery phrase and a Yoroi wallet. Yoroi uses a 15-word recovery phrase, so you need to create your wallet first, and then recover the funds inside.

Once you have your wallet created, select “Claim/Transfer” on the side of the wallet.

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From here you can select a “Byron-Era” wallet and a Legacy Daedalus Wallet using 12-word recovery phrases. Input the recovery phrase on the next screen.

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If you’ve done everything correctly you will see a progress process appear, letting you know that the wallet is being restored.

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To finalize the transfer from Daedalus to Yoroi, simply press Transfer Funds and you will accept the transaction to your wallet.

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Wait for the confirmation, and you can use your ADA currency as you desire.

check carefully the words, maybe you are not writing in right order… or maybe you wrote a word wrong at that time… try to remember or … indeed if there were transactions u should be able to see them.

Or maybe it’s just a bug but tbh it doesn’t look like a bug… maybe u restored in shelley and u nees to send ada from byron in shelley in order to see your balance

If I remember well when I restored my wallet in shelley my balance was also 0 and I needed to move my ADA from byron to shelley… and I checked now and I can’t see the old transactions on wallet (from byron)

Or perhaps it’s a bug… open a ticket to IOHK support team


Alex has very kindly written the instructions out for you. From your description of the issue, you have a very different issue to wovidal.

Thank you Alexd1985 for your help. I will try this too and hopefully will have positive results.

I am having the same issue on atomic wallet after I upgraded the app all my Ada are gone!
I’m very disappointed :disappointed: and already put in a help ticket but if there any suggestions I will gladly take in to consideration.

Hi Cheeko,

You will need to contact atomic wallet. Atomic wallet isn’t like a normal wallet, they give out seed words you can only use with atomic wallet, no where else. Basically your funds are with atomic, you don’t truly have control over them.

I would contact atomic wallet, then if they give you access to your funds again, I would set up a wallet with daedalus or yoroi and move your funds there. At least you will have the true seed words to your funds

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Im not sure if im hijacking this thread so apologies if iam .Cannot find the post button for new thread as im new and stressed …
I have moved my ada from Exodus wallet to Yoroi mobile .I then went to send some ada out and using my ledger Nano s could not connect with the Yoroi wallet so I then sent a ticket to Emurgo .They said to try and send it to my browser Yoroi extension wallet …I cant understand that because how can i send if I cannot connect with my ledger nano…I cant believe that Iam not able to get support with this on a better level because I have allot at stake here and very very worried. I have never used anything but my Nano s to sign in .I also reinstalled Ledger Live and my accounts have disappeared .You guessed it,no help from support at Ledger Live as yet .Its been 4 days .This problem is chewing away at me because its impossible to get any help…This needs to improve before more people loose money …If anyone can help me please ofer any help…

Hello truckcarno.

If you haven’t reset your nano s, download yoroi browser extension on chrome, plug your nano s into your computer and in yoroi select access hardware wallet via shelley era.

That should give you access to your funds. I’m on my mobile at the moment, so let me know if it doesn’t work and i can write more

Hi. Thanks for your reply. I have tried what you suggested yesterday and every other possibility as that’s what Emurgo had said as well. Any other suggestions please offer…

Oh I’m not sure what you mean by resetting but I did forget my pin so after 3 attempts I had to put my secret words in again.