Someone stole my Daedelus wallet password and the 12 recovery seed words

On July 13, 2018, someone stole my wallet passwords and 12 seed words which I had written on a paper notebook. Is there a way to stop the thief from getting into my wallet? Also is there a way of retrieving the password and 12 seedwords asap. Can anyone help me? I had a significant amount of ADA in that wallet alomost half of my crypto.


If they have your 12 seed words you need to immediately:

  1. Create a new wallet
  2. Memorize/Write down the new seed
  3. Transfer the funds from the old wallet to the new wallet

With your seed phrase compromised they can restore your wallet on any computer. Can you not access your old wallet? Is it installed on any of your devices you can get into?


Thank you so much Yagami. I can get into the wallet from my laptop but I couldn’t send or receive. I checked last night and the wallet amount was intact.

I don’t have extra back up password or 12 recovery seeds stored anywhere else.The only one i had was the ones which were stolen. Can I delete the wallet and not have to lose my funds?

as @Yagami told, you should create a new/second wallet (different 12 seed passphrase)
therein generate a new address to receive funds.
Then go to the first wallet and send your fund to the new created address to the second wallet.

You should do this before the other person

no, this will only delete the access to this wallet you’ve configured on your laptop, but (fortunately) not on the blockchain.

can you be more clear on this: you can open the wallet on you laptop and see the fund.
You should be able to create another wallet therein (leave the first one as it is)

Thank you so much werkof. Yes I can open the wallet and see the fund. So I should go ahead and press the delete wallet button. Then after that, when I create another wallet, how does the old funds go into the new wallet?

Do you have a spending password on your current account? If you do, can you recall the spending password?
If you have access to the account and you know the spending password, you can transfer the fund to a new wallet.

Thanks for you feedback Tooney.I lost the spending password too.

So you are saying that you lost (and cannot recall) both spending password and the 12 word secret? -> then, I think, unfortunately, you have lost your coins.

Yet, (I would suggest) please do not delete the wallet you have. maybe someone else can come up with a solution for your case.
Best of luck.

Yes.Thanks Tooney. Hope for the best. Life goes on.

If you still have access to your wallet and remember your spending password, you can move your funds to a secure location.

  1. Do not delete your wallet, yet.

  2. Find a new computer/device

  3. Download Daedalus and create a new wallet. Write down your secure words. Triple check them as this is the only way you can have access to your funds in the future!

  4. From your old computer log onto the old Daedalus wallet, send a small amount of ADA to your newly created wallet.

  5. On your new computer, check if you receive the transfer. It should happen within a minute or two.

  6. If you receive the transfer, go ahead and transfer the remaining amount from the old wallet.

  7. Once you received all your funds in your new wallet, you can go ahead and delete the old/stolen wallet.

  8. If you want, you can now restore your new wallet on your old computer and delete it on you other computer.

Since time is of great importance, the sooner you do this the better. Hope the guy who stole your secrete words doesn’t know what to do with them…


@Yagami, @ZCryt0Knight @werkof have the only solution, DO NOT Delete the wallet you have, read carefully and do exactly as they say.
Another lesson to keep a paper wallet, use a password manager to store seed and spending passwords.

Was it a random spending password that you created? Can you try to guess it? I don’t believe there is a limit to the amount of guesses. Not entirely sure on that though.

I believe that when you restore with the seed, the spending password of the old wallet is deleted and you enter a new one

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Correct but I believe the individual lost both his or her seed AND spending password. If the wallet gets deleted he is totally screwed only hope is to guess the spending password and then transfer the Ada to a new wallet created on another machine.


ahh yeh you are on to it @Donnybaseball

Hi guys,

is there a way to know if the person asking questions about the Daedelus wallet is genuine?
I hope we are not helping the thief.
@shunya : My apologies if you are the owner of the wallet wink:

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something to be aware of +1

not for us: for crypto wallets the rule is: who knows the seed passphrase has the right to access the funds in it.
If @shunya is the thief, then the owner hopefully has already moved his funds to a new wallet.
I thinks it’s all said here. Bye