Two Ledger Nano S for the same daedalus wallet?

I was wondering if I could put my daedalus wallet safely in two different Ledger Nano S.

Hey @cmiretf

Your key is always stored on your Ledger device. This means you could restore your key with your seedphrase on your second Ledger device and use both of them yes.


Would you recommend it ?

Makes imo no sense but mabye im missing something here.

Make sure you backup your seed correctly and safely and you will be fine.

Thanks @Zyroxa !

Hi, what exactly are you hoping to accomplish? With some more information you will most likely get better answers as what you’re asking right now unfortunately does not make a lot of sense. Will gladly try to help you. Cheers

What I´m trying to say is that I want to keep my wallet in two different Ledger Nano to keep it even more secure (double backup). It might not make sense, but the main goal is to keep my wallet secured

I think you may be better served using what is called the 25th word. You can search for how to implement it but it basically gives you multiple wallets on the same Ledger. That way you only need to keep track of one set of 24 words and by using a separate PIN and a secret word you have a lot of security. Someone can even find your 24 word phrase but without knowing the rest it does them no good. Best of luck.

This doesn’t make sense. Your 24-words are the encoded version of the random seed that your private key is derived from. This encoded seed is the thing that you need to backup safely and store securely i.e. on some medium other than the HW itself.

When you loose your Ledger or it gets run over by a tank, you can simply restore your private key on a new ledger or on any wallet that uses the same elliptic curve algorithm.

Also pls note, that the 24-words from Ledger are not compatible with Daedalus/ADALite/Yoroi

thank you so much guys @tomdx @Brad_Z

Imo it would make sense to have a spare ready to setup, since you would not have to wait for new device if the first is lost.