Daedalus mainnet delegation


I delegated my Ada in daedalus. However, it did not give me option to pick amount of ADA i want to delegate. It seems to have just delegated all. Is there anyway to only delegate some?

Also when I transfer more ADA into Daedalus would the new amount automatically be added to the delegation?

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Hi @Lal0101,

Welcome to Cardano Forum. Yes, in Cardano what you are staking is your wallet. It’s not like in Polkadot where you bond your DOT manually. And it is bonded for specific time.

In Cardano, you can deposit/withdraw anytime, evwn though your wallet is delegated.

If you add ADA to your wallet, yes it is automatically delegated to get reward because what you delegate is your wallet.

Hope it answers your question. Happy staking!


Simply put, currently, you delegate your wallet (addresses), you don’t delegate a specific amount of ada.

Start of every epoch (5 days) a snapshot is made by the network to see how much ada is at that address which then ia redelegated (except if you stop delegating)

The development team is working to deliver the possibility to delegate ada from 1 wallet to multiple pools.


Thanks for the response. Also I tried using Yoroi extension on chrome and connected my ledger but I keep getting pop up saying “insert your security key and touch it.” I have attached the image of the pop up. However, no security key shows on my ledger and nothing else shows to confirm anything on my ledger.

Any solution to this?

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Try to update your Ledger Live and also install the latest Cardano app in your Ledger Live > Manager > Cardano

Then try again. Wish you success!