Stake deposit withdrawn how to stake again


I withdrew my rewards and selected to get my 2ada deposit back. Now I want to stake again. Is the deposit automatically taken on staking again? I have delegated a pool and this shows as staked but no rewards received over two epochs. Would this be because the deposit is not automatic? If so, how can i pay the deposit again?


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Stake takes an epoch until it’s active, then you earn rewards on the next epoch and they distributed on the epoch after that. So it takes a while. Check pooltool.Io or adapools to see what you can expect for rewards and when.

CPX Pool

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Hi @Ryan_Bamsey,

Stake deposit is automatically taken from your wallet.

When you begin delegating, it takes 4 epochs to get your first rewards. Here’s why:

The Cardano protocol takes a snapshot of your Ada balance and pool choice at the beginning of each epoch, then apply that in the next epoch.

Epoch 0: You start staking with your pool of choice.

Epoch 1: The Cardano protocol remembers your Ada balance and pool choice at the beginning of this epoch .

For example: 10,000 Ada, RATS pool.

Epoch 2: The Cardano protocol begins staking 10,000 Ada with RATS pool.

Epoch 3: Your rewards is calculated.

Epoch 4: Your rewards is paid to you.

Rewards calculations and payments are done automatically by the Cardano protocol.

Later if you switch pool, you will still get rewards from the previous pool for the next 3 epoch before getting rewards from the new pool.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info. Guess I needs some patience.

Unless you have a lot ADAs to stake, it’s probably not worth it to stake your ADAs. From my experience, I ended up losing my money from staking because of the fees are higher than the rewards.

BEFORE: Fees + deposit to stake= - 2.181341 ADA. ( average 28 ADAs staked)

AFTER: Fees again + refund deposit + 0 rewards for 5 epoch= 1.828559

NOTE: The rewards was so little that I was not able to withdraw it. I think it was
around .06 -.08.

@RGQ2022 Actually you need about 500 ADA to get back that 2.17 ADA (Deposit and Transaction Fee) within a month.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t know it because I was new to investing in Cardanos. As an alternative, I stake my ADAs with an online crypto exchange, no fees, no deposit and receive rewards every 2-3 days. The best part is that I can unstake and stake at anytime without any fees.