PROBLEM Daedalus Testnet Wallet

Hello everyone
are problems known which i am experiencing?

  • I was able to stack Daedalus Testnet Wallet until yesterday. GREAT
  • Today the Testnet ADA from the reward wallet are back in the test network wallet!? (without action from me)
  • Transaction back to the reward wallet is not executed (pending)
    Have already canceled several times and sent new pending transactions each time to cancel.

The same thing happened to my colleague.
Nowhere on the Internet can read this problem

Please answer. Thank you very much

Reinstall Daedalus with delete Daedalus folder in your OS location,

all your balance still on reward wallet, you have local error with wallet

This exact problem happened to me, I decided that my transactions were already on the blockchain so I left my wallets that were showing 0 delegated to see what would happen and I have earned rewards for 2 days with the problem, it is a known issue at IOHK and they will surely fix it soon.