No testnet Ada:

I have held my Ada in Daedalus for a very long time. I have kept up with all Daedalus updates and have recently verified my recovery phrase successfully.
My problem is, I downloaded the testnet version of Daedalus from
After recovery my wallet, I notice that my wallet balance is 0 Ada. Could this have been a phishing site that wanted to steal my details?
I also Monticello that the Daedalus version of it was syncing backwards. It started of at 1.00% and went as far as 98.00% thereafter it started moving backward from 98 down to 76% when I stopped it.
When I restarted the program, it straight to accepting the conditions and then the option to restore or create wallet.
I code restore wallet and used my recovery phrase , and as stated, the balance was 0.
Fortunately I transferred all my Ada to my Yoroi wallet before this process. I only left 49 Ada in Daedalus.

Is it possible that IOHK could provide a link for the testnet version of Daedalus as they do for the real Daedalus wallet.

Hello Alndex.

So there is a known issue with Testnet Daedalus, ADA bought prior to 2018 is not currently showing.

If you check your balance through Yoroi chrome extension it should she your full balance.

Iohk are looking to solve this issue this week.

Thank you Lgbeano for your response. Looking at my wallet, I do have some transactions of Ada that I received like in June 2018, surely that has to reflect then.
I deleted that version of testnet Daedalus and downloaded a fresh one from
I was not requested to enter my recovery phrase this time, upon agreeing to the terms and conditions, my wallet that I restored from the previous download was immediately restored still showing zero testnet Ada.
I am no longer sure wether my real Ada wallet is still safe or compromised. I guess I will just delete that wallet and create a new one.
I will try the Yoroi chrome extension.
Appreciate your help again.

Pretty much the same thing happened to me. I restored my Daedalus wallet using the testnet version and saw the percentage blockchain sync go backwards. I stopped this and checked on the yoroi chrome extension instead and could see the correct figure in there. All good :+1:

Thanks everyone for helping, I deleted the wallet and uninstalled the first version of testnet Daedalus then did a new install using the updated and my balance check returned the right figures. Thanks again community

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