Is it still possible to claim testnet ADA if I moved all the Ada out of the old Byron Wallet?

Hi everyone.

So yes, I participated in the testnet but then moved all of my ADA out of the wallet and onto an exchange without claiming the rewards. I have a brand new unrelated Shelley wallet that I moved that ADA into at a later date.

Can I still claim the rewards from testnet? Something doesn’t feel right about starting that process after moving the coins out completely.

Many thanks.

Your rewards earned on Incentivised Shelley Testnet (ITN) are attached to the 15-word keys that you used for ITN. Yes, rewards are still on blockchain and they were independent of what happened with your non-reward funds. You can withdraw them via Yoroi chromium extension (note that in Yoroi, you can go to Claims/Transfers on sidebar, select shelley, and elect the mnemonics).
It will import the rewards to your ‘current’ (i.e. in pulldown at top in Yoroi) wallet - which needs to have atleast 1 ADA as non-reward fund to pay for transaction fees.


Thankyou for you reply. It has taken me a while to get to this. I have followed along and typed my seed into Yoroi to recover. However it is saying the Wallet is empty. Which is correct. But also now I cant claim the rewards earn during test-net. Is there another way to do try and claim them by chance?


I think u will need few ada in the wallet for fees