Unable to access my ADA .Please help

I know I am very late to the game. I participated in the Shelley testnet using the Yoroi wallet. I kept my spending password the same for the testnet wallet and the regular Yoroi wallet. After the snapshot I moved my ADA from the testnet wallet to the Yoroi wallet. I recently claimed my rewards. When I restored my wallet the checksum that I had noted belonging to my Shelley (ZPCJ-4832) was shown as my ITN checksum. The Shelley wallet checksum listed when I restored my wallet is LPZT-0741. This is where I claimed my rewards. I am unable to find the wallet that I sent my ADA to after the snapshot. I see the transaction in my Byron wallet, but I am not able to locate or access what I assume is the associated Shelley wallet. I hope I am describing this clearly. This is very confusing to me. After neglecting this for a year I am freaking out that I can’t access my ADA. Thank you so much for your help!

so, you had an old wallet (most probably byron cause shelley was released on 29 Jul 2020), you participate to ITN test and after the snapshot you moved ADA back in byron wallet.

after shelley release you made a new shelley wallet where you send ada from byron wallet right?

but from ITN wallet it was necessary just to instert the security phrase for your byron wallet in order to see if the ITN wallet has the right amount of ada (same with byron). you couldn’t sent/received ada from byron to ITN and vice-versa (it was not allowed, there were 2 separated networks)

so this :" After the snapshot I moved my ADA from the testnet wallet to the Yoroi wallet." (I think this was not performed… because was not allowed; it was just a snapshot).

I don’t know if I understood well please correct me:

you should have 3 wallets

  • byron wallet
  • ITN wallet
  • shelley wallet - where your balance should be byron wallet + rewards from ITN test


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Thank you so much for trying to help me straighten this out. I can probably be more clear with screenshots.
These were the wallets after I restored them with my seed words and password.

The Shelley wallet shown has a different checksum than what I had written down. The checksum shown for the ITN is what I thought my Shelley checksum was.
These are the wallets I am showing currently. No ITN wallet if I am understanding correctly. Somehow I duplicated my wallets. Also, the last Shelley wallet listed is a new one that I created while trying to figure this out on my own.

These are the transactions from my Shelley and Byron wallets.

Thank you again for all your help!!


From your screnshots I understand u don’t find your ADA sent from byron wallet in Dec 2019 (167.200 ADA) right? But where did u sent them? On which wallet ? To your ITN wallet or …?


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Yes, you understand. Where they went and how to get them is my exact question. I thought I sent them from the place where they needed to be for the snapshot to my Yoroi wallet. I think you said that wasn’t possible. I noted that I kept the password the same for the testnet and the Yoroi wallet. I see in my transactions that I sent 100 as a test before sending the rest which leads me to believe that I was able to access them at some point in the past. If there isn’t some confusion going on with these Yoroi wallets then I have no idea where they are.

What I can tell you :
At the begining of ITN a snapshot was performed for all network

Then they created a separate network for ITN test, and in order to participate/delegate there was needed only to restore your byron wallet into an ITN wallet… not to send ADA from byron wallet to ITN wallet … in this case you should have only 2 recovery phrase words (one for byron wallet which also was used for ITN wallet and another one for your shelley wallet).

Maybe at that time u created another byron wallet and u sent the ADA there… I did the same because was a recomendation from IOHK
How many security phrases do u have?
go to byron wallet and click on transaction… can u see the transaction ID?

Can u paste here?

That is the transaction ID.
I have one list of seed words and I noted that I kept the password the same. I thought I was creating a duplicate wallet outside of the testnet.

U can set the same password for multiple wallets, but each wallet has different recovery seed phrase

U said u have more seed phrases… for how many wallets?

As u can see the transaction was performed… but I don’t know where your ADA were sent… u can see only the destination wallet address


Addresses beginning with Ae2 are using the new address style that is implemented in Icarus based wallets like Yoroi and AdaLite.io (also every hardware wallet should have this type of address)

Addresses beginning with Ddz are using the older address style that for example Daedalus wallet i

Did u used daedalus wallet?

It’s seems that account has around 189k ADA


Do u recognize something?

You said the Shelley wallet was supposed to have the Byron balance and rewards from ITN test. Is the reason mine doesn’t because I sent it to another wallet before the wallet updated to Shelley?

That’s my wallet. I am figuring out how to read some of this stuff. I recognize the last transaction on cardanoscan as a purchase I made on Kraken and moved to this wallet. I looked at my saved addressed in Kraken and I had the DDz address listed as my Atomic wallet address but it isn’t. I have no idea what the DDz address is or how to access it. I just want my ADA. This is sickening.
I have never had a daedalus wallet. I only have one seed phrase for the Yoroi wallet.

All I can tell u is that:

  • on 10 Nov 2019 u received ADa in your wallet
  • on 26 Dec 2019 ADA were sent to another wallet (do u remember this transaction?)

It is possible that someone found your seed words for byron wallet? Or your spending password? Perhaps u have been hacked…

Maybe it is better to contact yoroi team or daedalus to see if they can do something…


I double checked and:

This transaction id is for november


From where did u sent the ADa to yoroi in November? You can see both transactions


But it seems u sent them back (to the address from which u received on 11 Nov) on 26 Dec


There was an exchange? But it was 167k ada and that wallet as a balance of 189k … do u know from where the difference can be? Do u have other 22k ada ?

I think u tried to send back to kraken but


I think u shoul contact kraken support… a lot of issues regarding this exchange

Maybe they will help u to get ur ADA back

Thank you! I will follow up and see if this is what happened.

Thank you for helping me with this. I learned how to read cardanoscan and I think you are correct, I did sent my ADA to Kraken. I thought I was sending it to another wallet. I saw the article you linked that pretty much says that I am out of luck, but I sent them a request for help anyway. This is all new to me. If it is appropriate, I’d like to send you some ADA as a thank you

no man, here, as a community we are not accepting pays :wink: we are good people
I hope to received your ada, and I will appreciate if you will support me.


Hi there, I’m trying to restore my wallet from the Yoroi Chrome extension, I’ve entered the 15 word passphrase but 0 balance is showing. I created the wallet back in April 2019. I’m sure that everything is correct, I’ve gone over it several times. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.
Thank you


You will need to restore as byron…
go to yoroi - add wallet - byron era - restore
Enter ur seed words (try to select the word with mouse from list when it appears)
Try to set the same wallet name and same spending password


Wow! Thank you for the prompt response, unfortunately it’s not happening. I could have the name of the account wrong as well as the password, it was quite some time ago. Is there any other way I can do this? Seems pretty mad that even with the recovery phrase you can restore an account.
Appreciate your help.

Try to restore it on adalite.io

It is possible to have another seed words, or some words not wrote coorect?


It says 0 balance. Yet when I check the address that I sent it too back in 2019 it shows the correct amount there. I’ve entered the words in correctly so i’m pretty sure there’s no mistake there. I think this is the end of the road right. Tough luck. Thanks again for your help, I really appreciate it.


I don’t know what to say… did u contacted IOHK? Perhaps there is an explanation…

U should create a bkp for private.keys file… in the future will be release a version of Daedalus which allow to restore the wallet by importing these files (no ETA)… and u will need ur spending password as well.


Hi Alex,
I will take a look at IOHK as well as create a bkp file.
Thank you sir