Yoroi 3.2.2 claiming ITN rewards - Shelley destination wallet address/checksum doesn't match!

Hi Guys,

This will hopefully be a simple one, but let’s see…

Okay, I had my old Byron-era Yoroi wallet, which I used to stake my ITN ADA balance. I now have Yoroi 3.2.2 and so created a new Shelley wallet in Yoroi by ‘restoring’ / using the 15-word passphrase from the old Byron wallet.

So far all good; I have a new Shelley wallet and the balance from my old Byron Yoroi wallet is now in my new Shelley wallet.

Both wallets are present in Yoroi, but the old Byron wallet now has zero-balance…

I followed these steps to claim the ITN rewards:

1: In Yoroi, select the Shelley wallet (the destination for the claimed ITN rewards)
2: Click on the “Claim/Transfer” button and select “Shelley-era wallet”
3: Select “Rewards from recovery phrase”
4: Click “I understand”, then “Keep Registered” and click “I understand”
5: Enter the 15-word recovery phrase from my old Byron-era wallet (this was used as the source of my ITN staking back at the end of last year) and click “Next”.
6: Then it shows the checksums and addresses of three wallets:

  • My old Byron-era wallet (this is all correct).
  • My ITN wallet address (again, this is correct).
  • The new Shelley-era wallet - this is where I have a problem. The checksum and address DO NOT match the address of my Shelley wallet, which I selected in Step 1 (above).

This is where I’m stuck - what is this ‘mystery address’? Obviously I don’t want to click on ‘Confirm’ and have my ITN rewards disappear into the Ether!

Can someone confirm if I’m following the correct steps?



I’m not familiar with Yoroi, but I guess this is one of the first versions where claiming ITN rewards is possible. I would suggest to wait a few versions.

If you want to try it right away, I would suggest to claim it in Daedalus instead and then move it into Yoroi. In Daedalus you need to provide two things:

  1. ITN 15 word seed of the wallet, which was receiving rewards on ITN
  2. Existing Shelley type wallet you have in Daedalus where the rewards should be transferred.

You might also want to check this: https://www.reddit.com/r/cardano/comments/if5808/how_can_i_claim_my_itn_rewards_using_yoroi/