How safe/reliable is ADAlite wallet with the trezor model T?


I realize that the ADAlite wallet is the only wallet at the moment that is compatible with the trezor
model T. Can Anyone who has used the wallet speak to how reliable, safe and secure it is to use this with the trezor? Or should we just wait for Yoroi implementation?.. thanks


It works reliably and it’s safe by design since Trezor shields your private keys from your (potentially compromised) computer. Of course, always check the data displayed on Trezor, to be sure that you are signing the right transaction.

Even if the AdaLite site went down, you will be able to access your funds by future cardano wallets supporting Trezor and using the same address space, which is very likely, since AdaLite uses addresses from index 0 upwards, which is a standard. Yoroi is working on supporting Trezor and it will very likely use the same address space.

Disclaimer: I’m one of AdaLite’s creators


I was hoping to see Yoroi connected to Trezor Model T, but no announcement yet. Guess I will go ahead with ADALite to get my hand in.


Allegedly Yoroi/Trezor model T support is happening soon… hopefully Dec…