Trezor T with Yoroi interaction for Cardano/Ada assets questions

I am in need of some education please. I have searched the internet for clarification but needed to be certain to make sure I have a correct understanding of transferring my ADA from Coinbase Pro to my Yoroi Trezor T Wallet. New to crypto so still learning.
I created a Trezor wallet in Yoroi with my Trezor T that I had just purchased. I performed a test transfer from my Coinbase Pro account to my Yoroi Trezor wallet. I needed to play around to confirm that I had done it correctly and had a few questions.

  1. When I disconnect my Trezor T from my laptop, the Yoroi wallet still displays the same information as if my Trezor T was still connected. Is that the expected behavior?
  2. My understanding is the blockchain contains my actual ADA shares but to access the shares for delegation (staking), withdrawals / selling would require me to connect my Trezor T to the laptop and when I plan to delegate in Yoroi, it will ask me to confirm via the Trezor T?
  3. So basically, I can expect to see in Yoroi my Cardano/Ada assets but in order to perform any transactions, my Trezor T will have to be connected?
    It just seemed strange that my Trezor T was not connected but Yoroi still contained all the information. Any education would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you!
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Your understanding is correct: 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. Yes.

Yoroi remembers your public key so that it can lookup and display transactions and balances without needing to connect the Trezor. Your private key always stays securely on Trezor, and Yoroi will communicate with it when you sign a transaction using the Trezor. It is important to read all of the information (addresses and amounts) that Trezor presents you before you confirm a transaction, and not just casually confirm the transaction without scrutinizing it.

Thank you very much for the confirmation. Greatly appreciated.

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I am not sure what happened! I followed instructions on how to delegate on Yoroi and I completed the steps on my Trezor T and Yoroi. I confirmed the transaction on my Trezor T and there was another window that was open as if it was processing. I went to the primary Yoroi window and selected to go back a session and the other window disappeared. I have been waiting 5 minutes to see if my delegation/staking when through and there is no record of the transaction as well as well as it being staked??
Do I need to wait a while? If so how long? Everything I had read was it was less than 2 minutes.

I forgot to add, when I tried the delegation steps again, on my Trezor T, it says I don’t have any available to delegate. It had a balance of like 2???

Please disregard. I apparently used the wrong password. The Trezor T does not tell you that. However, I figured it out finally. thank you for your support and patience.

Hi bwbush,
in your response to me, you had noted Yes to question 3 which is my Trezor T would have to be connected in order to stake. I had added more ada to my Yoroi wallet and it automatically delegated my ada without my Trezor T being connected.
Also, when I connect my Trezor T and look at the Trezor Suite, I don’t have any wallets there that represents my ADA coins. It is only in Yoroi that it shows.
Please confirm this is expected?

Thank you again!

I wanted to add that when I added my Yoroi wallet, I added it as a Trezor Wallet in Yoroi. No wallets in the Trezor T since ADA/CARDANO is not a coin available there.

Once you’ve registered and delegated the wallet’s stake address to a stake pool (using the Trezor), any additional ADA sent to the an address of the wallet is automatically staked. The wallet software doesn’t actually do the staking: that happens on the blockchain, with all the ADA in UTxOs at all addresses associated with the stake address of the wallet.

Thank you again