Connecting Yoroi to Trezor Model T

I finally made the move and purchased a Trezor Model T.

With the help of this forum (thanks!) I successfully managed to create a new wallet in Yoroi and get the funds transferred over to the new wallet.

I managed to connect the Trezor and link it to the Yoroi wallet, as confirmed by the name in the Chrome extension called Shelley - Trezor Wallet. The funds are there without issue.

However, I do not see any reference at all to this in the Trezor Suite. I saw in previous threads that this is expected behaviour as Ada is not supported, but the Trezor webpage states it is supported, and I have reached out to them via social media channels and they confirmed the same saying I should see my balance.

Finally, I do have the Yoroi app. I can see my original wallet in there but not the new Trezor one. Is there a way of linking this second wallet, please? I did see “Export Wallet” in the extension, but I want to keep it in there as well as the app, so I am not sure if that is the correct option. I also see I can Restore Wallet from the app but if that’s correct, is it the Trezor seed words I enter as obviously I wasn’t given a new seed from Yoroi for the second wallet.

Thank you in advance for your help.

hmmm for 2 devices you will need 2 accounts on chrome… one account for one hw wallet and 2nd account for the 2nd hw wallet

or 2 browser… chrome + yoroi for one device and brave + yoroi for 2nd device

or use for both

PS: ADA is not yet supported on ledger live or trezor suite… it will be soon (no available dates)

Thanks for the response.

Actually they both work well in one browser, no problem at all. I just click the extension and can select from there.

I want to see both in the Yoroi App (iPhone) though.

Also to confirm, I only have one device. First Yoroi wallet was set up on browser, the second wallet on browser and connected that to the Trezor. Thank you.