Unable to create new Yoroi wallet


I am trying to create a new wallet in Yoroi (Google Chrome extension) connected to my Trezor model T but am unable to.

On the home page, I click on ‘Add new wallet’, then I select ‘connect to hardware wallet’ then cardano, trezor and finally standard wallet.

At this point, my Trezor wallet is already connected and unlock, a window pops up to export the public keys, which I allow. I am being asked for a passphrase and I enter a new one on the device.

Back to Yoroi, I then get an error message “Something unexpected happened. Please retry.”

Any idea what went wrong?
Many thanks in advance for your help.

Perhaps Chrome - Yoroi - Trezor issues… u can:

  • try with another browser
  • connect the trezor on adalite.io

adalite it’s a web based app and same as yoroi or daedalus it will provide same functions for the cardano wallet… remember… using adalite.io doesn’t mean that the ada will be on … ADA are on blockchain secured by trezor… yoroi/daedalus or adalite are just an app to access them

Please bkp all passphrases if u will use, u will need them each time when u will want to restore the wallets

A lot of people forgot the passphrase and can’t access the funds anymore

U can test with 2 ADA first, create 2 ADA, disconnect the trezor and try to reconnect… if u see 2 ADA then u have the confirmation that everything is fine

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Thanks, I was able to access the wallet in AdaLite, still not sure why it did not work in Yoroi though