Created Yoroi trezor wallet but it is not showing in Trezor suite

First question:
I created a Yoroi trezor wallet but it is not showing in Trezor suite. There is a Trezor wallet in the Yoroi but not in the Trezor suite. What I do wrong??
Second question:
After everything works can I destroi my Yoroi seed and only use the Trezor seed?

1 question

  1. First connect the trezor on; if u see the right funds there means u moved with success the funds on trezor and u will don’t need the 15 seed words for yoroi simple wallet… from now on u will use the trezor seed words ONLY when u will restore the Trezor wallet NOT when u will restore the Cardano wallet

You dont do anything wrong. The Trezor Suite only supports a couple of coins. You need to use Cardano wallets like Yoroi to connect to your trezor and show your ada wallet.

Ok. But how do I show my ADA wallet. If I log onto yoroi I see it but when I logon to trezor suite I do not.

You will must to use daedalus/yoroi/ in order to access the ADA stored on blockchain

ok thank you
Hopefully Trezor quickly implements ADA

Yes, Cardano simply is not (yet) supported in the trezor suite.