Created Yoroi trezor wallet but it is not showing in Trezor suite

First question:
I created a Yoroi trezor wallet but it is not showing in Trezor suite. There is a Trezor wallet in the Yoroi but not in the Trezor suite. What I do wrong??
Second question:
After everything works can I destroi my Yoroi seed and only use the Trezor seed?

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  1. First connect the trezor on; if u see the right funds there means u moved with success the funds on trezor and u will don’t need the 15 seed words for yoroi simple wallet… from now on u will use the trezor seed words ONLY when u will restore the Trezor wallet NOT when u will restore the Cardano wallet

You dont do anything wrong. The Trezor Suite only supports a couple of coins. You need to use Cardano wallets like Yoroi to connect to your trezor and show your ada wallet.

Ok. But how do I show my ADA wallet. If I log onto yoroi I see it but when I logon to trezor suite I do not.

You will must to use daedalus/yoroi/ in order to access the ADA stored on blockchain

ok thank you
Hopefully Trezor quickly implements ADA

Yes, Cardano simply is not (yet) supported in the trezor suite.

Ok had to reset my Trezor model T after a botched firmware update.
I checked if my funds are still there. In Yoroi it showed my fuds have transferred. In “” are no funds anymore after I connected my Trezor model T.
Where are my funds???

When you just “reset” your trezor you are creating a new wallet containing nothing. If you then connect this to adalite it will show you nothing of course.

What you must do is not just reset your trezor, but to restore your trezor using the recovery phrase you got when you initially created you trezor wallet. If you do this and then go to adalite and connect you will see your funds again.

Here is how:
User manual:Recovery - Trezor Wiki

Trezor is restored. I see all my other crypto funds. Just not the ADA. Not on

what do you mean with this? please explain.

I guess you selected this option in right:

And did you have a passphrase on your trezor? Check your trezor suite settings to see if you have.

In my Yoroi app on my iPad it shows the transferred fuds out off the yoroi account.

Yes I did.

No passphrase only seed and PIN.

Strange. If you connect via adalite and go to the “send” tab, you dont see your correct balance?

Do you see transactions under the “transaction history”? If yes you can see when what amount was sent. Do you see some transaction you have not performed yourself?

No strange transactions because the adress in is not the one I send the coins to. That is my problem. Before there was a Trezor wallet in Yoroi but now not anymore. So how do I recover that wallet.

huh? that should not be possible. Either you sent the coins or someone else in possession of your trezor and its pin did.

first install the yoroi web extension for your browser then start the yoroi web extension from your browser, press “add wallet” and “connect to hardware wallet”.

download it here:
Yoroi - Light Wallet for Cardano (

No luck.
And like I said before there was an Trezor account under the Yoroi extension but now not anymore. Is it possible to restore the Trezor account using the Trezor seed in the Yoroi app. Or can I only recover the Cardano standard account in the yoroi app.
(I knew I was not going to like it after the Cardano did not show up in my Trezor but only in the Yoroi app. :angry:)

It most work. try another browser. so if you use edge, use chrome or firefox and try again. it will work.

No! the trezor seed is only for restoring your trezor. other wallets like yoroi just connect to your trezor you never enter the trezor seed into those wallets.
And also note that the yoroi phone app does not support trezor.

Ok I will try later right now I have to prepare for work. Be back on line later today or tomorrow.
Thanks for the help

if you restore the trezor with seed words and you ADA balance is 0 then go and deactivate the passphrase from trezor


Problem: I never used a passphrase. So I can not deactivate it.