Restore Yoroi Wallet created with Trezor T

How can I restore my Yoroi wallet - Trezor wallet in a new browser?

Trezor linked to Yoroi? Sure! You can even manage your balance/account linked to Adalite or Deadalus.

Yes. But how?

Just install the Yoroi extension in the browser of your choice and link it to your Trezor. Remember: The coins are always on the chain, Trezor is just your key to them.

But it is showing me 0 balance. This is my Yoroi - Trezor wallet in Brave browser XHHH-3722.
If I connect the Trezor through the Firefox it is showing me Yoroi - Trezor wallet SHNC-6781 with 0 balance.

Well the result is at least consistent. Did you already send ADA to your wallet?

I have delegated ADA on XHHH-3722. Should I send them to SHNC-6781?
There is no option to have the same Yoroi - Trezor (XHHH-3722) wallet in another browser?

I would like to restore the same Yoroi - Trezor wallet. Is it possible?

That should be definitely possible as it should also work when your computer breaks, I never did it though. There ought to be an option where you can use your passphrase maybe? But always triple check before entering your passphrase anywhere :wink:

I have no idea how to restore that. When I go through to connect my HW wallet I must wrote there a passphrase. But this wallet is with 0 balance. How can I restore my balance pls? This is nonsens.


Go on chrome - install yoroi extension - go to add wallet - shelley wallet - connect trezor … there is no need for a seed word


Which one? image
Connect to HW wallet right?

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Connect hw wallet yes

I dit it. But my balance is 0.

But I think ur ada are not in trezor, let the trezor connected on yoroi and send 10 ada from brave to yoroi… then delete the wallet from Chrome !!! Be carefull not from brave!!! And restore again in chrome the trezor wallet… if u see the 10 ada to balance … u can transfer all from brave to trezor

I think on brave u have just a simple wallet… not connected to trezor

I can not send my ADA from Brave, because of that another topic issue we are solving.
(When I try to send from my Yoroi ADA wallet, I go to my wallet and then click “Send” and put in the recipients info and the amount I want to send.
Then I follow the instructions on the screen and my Trezor.
I then get a message on my wallet saying: “Change Address staking rights do not match the current address”
After I click ok, it says “Change Amount XXXX” with a different number of ADA. IF i click ok, then I get an error message on the yoroi wallet.)

Ok… go on brave… to receive and share here one of ur address


Aa ok, it is shelley era

Did u undelegated recently? or how it happened?
Since when do u have this issue?
The cardano app and trezor bridge are updated?