Can't find my Yoroi wallet on Firefox. It is connected to my Trezor

Help please. I am a bit of a newby and recently loaded my ADA onto my Trezor via the Yoroi wallet on Firefox. There is no tab now to open the extension, but when I open Yoroi to re-install, Firefox shows that the extension is loaded. Just don’t know what to to do to restore the wallet…?

Use chrome please

The good thing about a trezor wallet is that you don’t restore the wallet if you want to use it with one of the cardano wallets like yoroi. You simply choose to connect the wallet with your trezor.

If you have trouble installing the yoroi firefox wallet. try removing the extension and installing it again.
Alternatively try the yoroi extension for edge or chrome.

Finally you can also use, that doesn’t even require you to install a web extension to connect your trezor to it. is just a bit more tricky to use when you want to delegate to another pool than adalite pool. To do this first look up the pool’s ID on and use this ID in adalite to delegate to this pool of your choice.

Thanks ADA4Good.
FYI, Like I said, I’m a bit of a nube…I am new to the Firefox interface and did not realize that the Yoroi extension icon was in the upper right all of the time. All is in order… Total my bad…Thanks for the response.

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Happy you fixed it!