Can't use yoroi wallet on google chrome with trezor

Chrome is the only browser I like to use. It just keeps saying Something unexpected happened. Please retry. When I try and connect to trezor using yoroi on chrome. I have pop blocker turned off. It works on edge browser but not chrome now wtf. I would prefer not to have to use different browsers since It’s already annoying having to use 15 different wallets for 15 different coins to look up the balances on these hardware wallets.

There are currently some issues with Yoroi. You might want to use in the meantime.


Hello… good day sir, I have my yoroi wallet created with trezor T and it only lets me recieve ada when I try to send ada it goes though the whole motion on the trezor but it gives me at the end errors to “something unexpected happened please retry” I have not delegated any cause it doesnt let me. always the same thing " somthing unexpected happened please retry " tried Adalite and everything perfectly. I see my funds but they are untouchable. 17100 ADA. My life’s savings. I truly believe in cardano…sold all other assets to go all in and now I feel I lost it. Please help.Yoroi support is non existant. I can tell you the hash trx. If you can help or get me with someone that could help. Thank for your time. "Treat everyone as you would like to be treated. :blush:

I have problem same too. I try use but cannot see my ADA coin on help me please.

So, you have a Trezor and it’s connected to Yoroi? But when you connect it to Adalite nothing shows up? And in Yoroi you cannot send transactions, delegate, … anymore?

Have you had another Trezor? Have you reset the Trezor in between?

Have you used the passphrase functionality of Trezor, perhaps accidentally?

It is a common source of people seeing empty wallets. Every passphrase – even differing only in small typos – generates a whole new, empty wallet.

What I have to do ?

In your Yoroi, does it say “Trezor wallet”, not “Standard wallet” below the wallet name?

When you connect the Trezor on, can you see a transaction history?

Do you remember ever getting a password prompt from the Trezor in your web browser like the one shown in the Trezor passphrase documentation?

If this password dialog pops up, did you try different passwords there? Also the empty password?

If it does not pop up, can you enable it in the settings of the Trezor and try different passwords, there?

I see my trezor show “x Change address stake credential as a key hash” I dont understand someting wrong.

Screenshot 2022-01-23 070247

When you connect the Trezor on, can you see a transaction history? NO

Do you remember ever getting a password prompt from the Trezor in your web browser like the one shown in the Trezor passphrase documentation?NO

“Change address” is the address the additional Ada go to that are not sent to the target address. (Each transaction has to consume something that came into your wallet completely. If there is not by a very, very small chance something that matches the amount you want to send exactly, there will be a change that goes back into your wallet.)

The “stake credential” of this change address is the stake key that change shall be staked to. The key hash they show you after that should really be the one of your wallet. You can compare it to the one shown at “Receive” – “Reward” in Yoroi. (I really hope it is given in the “stake…” form and not in hex.)

My Ledger does not give this information to me before confirmation, but perhaps the Trezor gives it, because it does not match the stake key it expects? The transaction then does not work, you said?

Okay, this really looks like your Trezor is not in the same state as it was, when setting up the account in Yoroi.

… and when you say you did not reset the Trezor, never had more than one and never used the passphrase functionality, I’m really out of ideas what it might be.

Do you remember when you last used it successfully? (It’s only used when you send something or change delegation, only when you really have to confirm something on the Trezor device.)