Yoroi wallet with hardware wallet

hello! i currently do not have either a hardware wallet or yoroi hot wallet. wanted to do both. do i first set up yoroi wallet and move my ada to it and then add hardware wallet? or do i do it all at once. what are the easiest steps. also will i recieve BOTH a seed code for yoroi and another from my hardware wallet? thank you

connect ur ledger wallet, bkp the seed words of the ledger;
Update the ledger live and install cardano app

Then install yoroi chrome extension and go to

yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - connect ledger ( you will not receive a seed words for yoroi)

after this operation u can move the funds to ledger…

First time try with 10 ADA, delete the wallet from yoroi and connect ledger again… if u will see the 10 ADA then u can move all funds (u can even restore the ledger with the 24 seed words)

PS: u can create a simple yoroi wallet (yoroi - add wallet (shelley era) - new wallet (bkp the 15 seed words) and move to ledger latter


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thank you. couple more questions as i’m a newbie.just to clarify i dont have yoroi or hardware wallet at this time. ada on an exchange
1.can i use a macbook pro laptop as i dont have a desktop.
2. what is yoroi chrome extension. do i install that or choose ios to install for my macbook pro
3.can you explain funds transfer. i delete the hardware wallet from yoroi after the test transfer and i see the delievered ada. ( while im in ledger platform?) . then reconnect yoroi wallet (will i lose anything,and im just reconnecting the same yoroi wallet i downloaded?)
4. is ledger nano x or trezor model t better for laptop/iphone use

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Hello faby,
I here my procedure. Worked well on windows and android

  • get ledger hw from a reputable vendor, when arrived check thoroughly the contents of the package
  • install Ledger live software (on your PC) from Download Ledger Live | Ledger
  • in the software, click manager and from the list select and install cardano application into the ledger hw
  • install Yoroi - either mobile or chrome extension from yoroi-wallet.com
  • in Yoroi - Add new wallet - connect to hw wallet
  • send small amount Ada to receiving address of your hw yoroi wallet. test sending out from Yoroi. Only if all works perfectly, send your substantial amount to your hw yoroi.
  • sleep with peace of mind

Ledger Nano S has small memory, so you can install fewer additional wallets = store fewer coins. The most common wallets are preinstalled.
Nano X and Trezor T should be better choice if plan on holding many different coins

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Hi @faby165 only the trezor model t supports cardano. Trezor one does not (yet) support ada.

Why I personally prefer trezor above ledger is because trezor is open source and because the trezor model t has an easy to use touch screen.