Using Trezor T to stake

I have to admit I do not really understand how staking on the MainNet using my Trezor T is going to work. All my ADA are with Yoroi + Trezor T. My Trezor knows my private key and I do not. I just know the secret key for my Trezor, which protects me in case I get into any strife with the Trezor. So far, nothing ever has gone wrong with it.

So, what can I expect to happen in a couple of weeks? Have mercy.

Cheers OddPod

Hi OddPod,

As you use Yoroi as your access to your Trezor. You can expect Yoroi to have a software update so you will see a delegation centre in Yoroi, where you can delegate your ada.

Many thanks. Shall be patient.

3rd August :blush: not long

Um, did I miss something? Would genuinely like to see this ‘delegation centre’. Have these ADA panting…

You might not have the latest version of Yoroi, which browser do you use?

Windows 10 and regular Chrome browser. I click on the Yoroi icon from within the browser. I thought this would self-update. Thanks for your encouraging reply. Um I bought my first ADA a while ago. Getting close to three years now. Its my 85th birthday in September!

Sorry, just realized, you won’t see delegation options until you have a Shelley wallet. I think you probably have to wait until the Trezor is supported, but I don’t know much about this situation, maybe someone who does will chip in…

As far as I know you should be able to stake ADA using Yoroi and your Trezor T by now.

Here’s a video from Rick (Digital Fortress) explaining the process.

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