Guidance on MainNet staking

I began holding ADA around two and a half years ago and have slowly added to this holding since then. My holding is all in one Yoroi wallet. I use a Windows 10 laptop with a Trezor T device to access that wallet but rarely have it on but prefer to use an Android tablet for everyday work. I am an elderly retiree and am understandably cautious.

Now I see that the long-awaited day is close and staking will soon be possible. But I don’t see much in Yoroi about it, or am I missing something? I am hoping to be able to review staking pools from within Yoroi, and easily make my pool choices there. Having made a few choices I am hoping there will be a simon-simple way for me to execute my stakes and thereafter keep my staking results under review, changing them as reason dictates.

18th August is not far off. Hoping for easy-to-follow guidance soon…

All the best


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Hello @OddPod

The testnet just ended and we were able to delegate from Yoroi. It was really simple and i think we will see something similar on the mainnet.

Its sadly not synching anymore, but you could see any pools under that register and with 2-3 clicks you delegated all your ada.



Thankyou Fabian. Will just keep watching the Yoroi site and hope they give timely assistance.

Im pretty sure there will be a video or something like that which explains how to stake. Otherwise you can just ask here in the forum again and im sure you will get your help :slight_smile:


No doubt someone willsee my bleating and respond in time!

Thanks again

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I wouldn’t worry about “in time”, it will be no big deal to miss out on a few days’ or even a week or two’s returns, no need whatsoever to be in at the beginning. In fact, those who delay will be able to see how different pools are performing, which those in at the outset will not (though of course they’ll be able to change pools later with no penalty).