Staking ada with the ledger nano s

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Can somebody give me an update about the following issue.

My ada coins are on the ledger nano s. I also have the yoroi wallet. Am i correct that staking ADA is not possible yet when the coins are kept on the ledger nano s?

Is there a timeframe when this will be possible?

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Yes you are correct. If you held your ADA on yoroi with your ledger, your ADA can’t be used in the ITN.

You will be able to stake in the future with your Nano Ledger.

Thanks Zyroya for your information.


I am, I take it, in a similar situation. I have a quantity of ADA in a Yoroi wallet protected by a Trezor T device. Occasionally I turn on a dedicated Windows 10 laptop and check that they are still there! So far so good.

Advice on this forum on one occasion has been NOT to expect to be able to stake them for quite some months. Understandably, I am itching to stake ASAP, but must patiently await Mainnet.

Will be delighted by any progress information. Cheers

Thanks very much for your information.

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