Staking from ledger

I have my ada on ledger nano s and connected to yoroi-ledger wallet on my chrome browser extension…can someone please tell me what steps i need to take to start my ada staking?..Is there a utube video i can ck out…Would be great to get some help on this…thanks alan

if you didnt had your ada in yoroi or daedalus wallet while the snapshot has been made, there is no way you can take part in this ITN right now.

They were in my ledger for about 1 year…when was the snapshot taken?
and when will the next snapshot be taken…maybe i will make it into the next one…thanks again for the info.

also…I have Tezos baking from my ledger…why ada has no ledger support like Tezos.

the snapshot was taken at 29th nov 2019. there wont be a second snapshot for the ITN i guess.

once shelley is released on the mainnet, ada may will be added to ledgerlive and you will be able to stake from there. (charles said that in the last video update)

Thanks for that update…will wait on shelley be release…When will shelley be released?
They have been talking about this for quite some time.

ledger not working with ada

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Please give as much information as you can.

thats not true. you can already store your ADA on your ledger via yoroi wallet.