Staking on Shelley Testnet Yoroi from a Yoroi Ledger Wallet

Hello I was researching and found this video that allows Yoroi Ledger Hardware Wallet users to stake on Shelly Testnet by transferring a Ledger Legacy Wallet onto the Shelley Testnet using password recovery phrase option.

I have a few questions before doing this as I don’t want to lose my existing ADA on my Ledger.

  1. If I transfer a Ledger Legacy Wallet onto the Shelly Testnet Yoroi Wallet what happens to the ADA in my original Yoroi Ledger Wallet?
  2. What happens to the ADA on the Testnet after Shelley Testnet ends? Will they have to be transferred off the Shelley Testnet?

I do know that doing this option I should also create a new Password Recovery Phrase on my Ledger Hardware Wallet for security reasons.

that video explains risk.

  1. It’s a copy of your ada nicknamed tada on another blockchain. Your real ada is still on your hard wallet on the cardano blockchain.

  2. Tada on the shelley testnet will go one day, it does not go back to the main net. Only the rewards earned from delegating can be claimed on mainnet after the testnet is done

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Welcome @ADANewb,
You are right and I think that quote is the most important part. If you import the Ledger seed words somewhere else, then it is no longer a cold wallet. It becomes a hot wallet and you should not use these seed words anymore.

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Im using yoroi with ledger S, i was able to transfer my main wallet into the testnet using my 24 words recovery for ledger. My question is how to transfer yoroi to new deadalus 1.00 version and also rewards balance once shelley is live (as it requires 15 words recovery phrase which i dont remember been given one) ?

Hi Vla_N,

So if you have always held your ada on a ledger then you would of created a Yoroi wallet in shelley testnet. You would of written down the 15 seed words for that. That’s the seed phrase you will need to claim your rewards.

Daedalus does not accept hard wallets yet, when it does it will be as simple as clicking access hard wallet. Daedalus and Yoroi are just programs used to see your wallet. Your keys are on the ledger.

Hope that helps.

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Why do you guys think you have to use your Ledger Hardware Wallet recovery phrase?

You are not sharing or entering your 24-word recovery phrase anywhere. You are creating a new 15-word recovery phrase in your Yoroi wallet and using that.

Did I miss something?