Yoroi connected to Trezor T, is not asked again after full log out of pc

I connected /paired the Trezor T to the Yoroi Chrome plug-in.
Paired it.

Logged out of the PC and logged back in the PC.
then went to Yoroi.
no password was asked
no Trezor connection was asked, nothing.

what is the security then of no password or Trezor is asked?
and what is the purpose of the Trezor then?

If I can go to Yoroi wallet without any doors to be opened, others or viruses probably can do the same.

More then 2 year long term ADA investor, but always left the coins on the exchange, this is my first try-out.

U can’t perform tranzactions without trezor confirmation

thanks for your reply.

is there a way to get privacy in Yoroi so that not everybody just can open it to see balance and transactions?
as a normal login with password?
there must be a solution for this, no?

By default I don’t think so but:

  • u can set a password for opening chrome browser
  • u can use adalite.io instead of yoroi

ok, thanks.
any reason they did not build privacy in Yoroi ?

Because u can’t perform transactions without the trezor confirmation… and u should use the trezor only on your personal computer,

Aa I forgot… u can create a new account for browser only for trezor purpose and another account for daily use