Trezor T for ADA - YOROI / ADALITE

Hello I just got a Trezor T and I am researching the best way to use it for securely storing ADA.

I gravitated to YOROI for its balance of features and simple UI. I was disappointed when I created a Trezor ADA wallet linked to YOROI, I cannot see the accounts listed on the Trezor Desktop Application. I have my Trezor linked with Exodus, and I also cannot see ADA there.

If I Link my Trezor with ADALITE, will the balances become visible on the Trezor Suite and Exodus?

If the wallet is established with ADALITE, can I later recover the wallet using YOROI to regain the functionality of that wallet?

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Nope, that’s not how it works. The Cardano wallet apps will probably never support all the other currencies. The Trezor Desktop App and Exodus might start supporting the Cardano network or they might not.

Until then, your Trezor is just a shared hardware dongle. If some websites support logging in by such a dongle, they also do not suddenly show each others content, just because you use the same dongle to log in to them.

You can use your Trezor with as many wallet apps as you want at the same time.

I’d recommend ccvault or Typhon at the moment.

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Ok thank you for the clarification.