Tony from Austin TX

I’m a long term BTC, ETH, and LTC owner (not trader), and I am looking to move some of my position over to ADA.

I made a small purchase and moved to my Trezo T, and I noticed all the only wallet available on the Trezor is available is the AdaLite wallet (external from Trezor). I was able to move a test transaction in and out and then moved a small position in. Seems to be working fine.

Before I move any sizable position, I’d like to know more about the AdaLite wallet. Is Trezor T/AdaLite sufficient for long term storage or is there another cold storage option that is better. I wouldn’t mind spreading the storage around. Peace of mind is paramount importance.

Thanks in advance! I’m really interested in this project; it shows major promise.


Please ignore my grammar mistake lol, it’s 4th of July weekend in Texas :slight_smile:

Welcome! I’m a big fan of Texas. People have always treated me great whenever I have visited. Yoroi also supports Trezor T.

I have not used Adalite but heard good things.

Happy 4th also!


Thank you, Donny. Likewise about NY!

I heard about Yoroi. I may try that.

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i think you nailed it in your own comment, spread it around. I have some on ledger, some on a paper wallet, some on yoroi, some on 2 different Daedalus one of which is on an old computer that I never turn on or give internet access to. Be creative, its kind of a pain but hopefully worth it someday. Just make sure to keep all of your access documented and safe. And yeah Texas is great.

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Welcome Tony!

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A paper wallet is probably best for cold storage. The limitations are only one public address, you have to restore, which means destroying it, before you can move anything out, and of course you have to store the paper very safely.

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