Was staking on Test net. I have not done anything since. Does staking migrate?

It is a Free open-source web-browser Cardano wallet with Trezor and Ledger Nano S and Nano X support.

Yes, but be sure to be on adalite.io the real one… not a clone

Thanks, That was what I was going to ask because I don’t see their link on the website.

Which website?

The Cardano main website. It only has Daedalus and Yoroi wallet shown on there not Adalite.

I don’t know why… the real adalite.io should be trust… even ledger mentioning it

I know. It’s a bit weird that they don’t have it there. One more question, I don’t remember if I used leger to stake on the testnet or just regular wallet, it should be easy getting this done, right?

Try to restore ur regular wallet and see if u have any balance to ITN section

I restored the wallet and it is showing zero balance but I can see my coins on the test net. I really don’t know why this is so complicated

Wait for daedalus 3.3.0 and you will can restore your wallet via importing files

I used the Yoroi wallet. Now if I opened it on Shelley wallet instead of the Byron wallet, will it affect my balance?

I don’t know what u did; u have an old (byron) daedalus wallet right (12 seed words)? And now u create in yoroi a shelley wallet right? Amd now u want to import ur daedalus byron wallet in yoroi right?


Ok. I am a little confused here. So I have the 12 seed from the Daedulus wallet. But then transferred to Yoroi testnet for 15 seed. I have both of these seeds. Now I went to the Yoroi wallet and used the 15 seed from the Yoroi testnet and imputed it on the Yoroi shelley wallet and it shows zero balance. I imputed it on the byron wallet and it says there is no balance on it. When I look at the Yoroi testnet, it is showing my ADA but not on the Yoroi Shelley wallet. This is kind of confusing. Was I supposed to use the 12 seed from Daedulus or the 15 seed from the Yoroi testnet?

Hmm, so u had a daedalus byron and u transfered ur funds to yoroi in order to participate to shelley testnet right? So basically all ur ADA should be on yoroi wallet right?

Now, u created a new shelley wallet, and u want to transfer ur ITN ADA to shelley wallet right?
also u will need to restore your byron wallet in yoroi ; see the completed steps bellow

You need to create a new Shelley wallet first by clicking the ‘add new wallet’ button then ‘create a new wallet’ button (making sure you safely store the new recovery phrase and spending password). I think u already performed this step!

After you have created the new Shelley wallet. You want to also recover your old Byron wallet by clicking the ‘add new wallet’ button then ‘restore wallet’ button. And use ur old 15 seed words from yoroi

Once you have both wallets setup, you’ll now be able to transfer your ada from your Byron wallet, to your Shelley wallet.

Only once you have some ada in your Shelley wallet, should you proceed to claim your ITN rewards. This is because a transaction fee is required to send the ITN rewards to your Shelley wallet, but that fee must be paid by your Shelley wallet.

Make sure you have your Shelley wallet selected and then click the ‘Claim/Transfer’ button then ‘Shelley-era wallet’ button.

In summary:

  1. Create a new Shelley wallet.
  2. Recover old Byron wallet.
  3. Transfer ada from old Byron wallet to new Shelley wallet.
  4. Recover ITN rewards into new Shelley wallet using the claim and transfer function.

Okay. What I did was that I opened up two browsers, one to create a new Shelley Wallet and one to recover the old wallet. I was following the steps to recover the old wallet and inputed it in the recovery seed to Shelley Wallet. It had zero balance. I was looking through the wallet and found the Byron wallet and used the recovery seed and it said that there is no balance.

understand, but after the ITN you left the ADA on yoroi? Or u moved to another wallet?

I left it on Yoroi. It is showing the balance on testnet when I look at it.

yes I know, because the snapshot for ITN test was made from yoroi wallet, but I wanted to know if after that you moved the ADA in another wallet daedalus or yoroi

do you see any transactions in transaction history?

did u followed the step - add wallet (byron wallet) - restore - right?

I have not moved the ADA at all since I did this. I have inputed the 15 word seed on Byron and each time, it says there are no balances. Would using the recovery phrase first on Shelley wallet instead of the bryon wallet have affected this in any way? Where do I check for transactions? If it was moved would it be still showing on the shelley testnet?

shouldn’t affected your balance; do you have the byron wallet address?
can u search here?