How to see what rewards were for a single epoch?

In my Daedalus wallet, I see the rewards on the “Rewards” tab for each wallet. But it seems as if these are the total rewards across all Epochs.

Is there a way to see a history of rewards for my wallets? The rewards for each epoch?

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Yes you can track your rewards via by clicking “Track your rewards” and enter your receiving address.



Awesome. Thank you.

What is the easiest way to find the staking address? There are tons of addresses in “Wallet | Receive” tab. I looked at old transactions to find the staking one, but it was cumbersome. Is there a quick way to get it for each of my wallets?


Pretty sure you can enter any receiving address to track your rewards.


I have not been able to get the pooltool rewards to work.I copied my address from the delegators list of the pool but when I paste it in I get an error “Data too short”. I tried adding “addr1” to the beginning and still get the same error.

What wallet are you using?

You must use any address from the Receive Tab of Daedalus Wallet. It starts from “addr”. Address from the delegators list of the pool not suitable for this.

Wow, what a great tool!

You can use any address.