Daedalus Rewards Transaction History

Currently Daedalus only shows total of Rewards earned. Is there a way to show Rewards History in Daedalus in order to compare the performance from different pools I have staked with?

Hi @Bacterial_Flagellum, no that feature is currently not available in daedalus.

You can however use adapools.org to see the per epoch rewards you earned on your wallet’s stake address. Just use the below URL:


And replace “stake1u8ksp36fsp7ddvw49jr5ng4mj2aul3p7fqrpae743gz3xmqsthksq” with your own stake address! You can find your wallet’s stake address on the Daedalus “rewards” screen.

I hope this helps.

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Hello friend i am using https://adastat.net/ to see my history rewards just use you stake adress to see it like ADA4Good comments you