Show the Reward transactions on the Wallet Summary Page

I would like to see my stake rewards shown explicitly on the Summary page for the Wallet.
I can see that the rewards are being added into the summary counts, but it is not clear that they are and they are not being accounted on the page.
Ideally we wither have a tag saying Stake rewards and the number there,
or better yet, show the rewards as transactions that are received.


If you know your stake address you can use that on a few different platforms to see what your rewards are per epoch - for instance will give you a detailed view of staking rewards. Daedalus will give you the CSV file but its not as informative as pooltool. You can find your stake address a few different ways depending on what wallet you have. Let me know if you want help to find it.

My pool also allows you to see your reward summary in a simple way -


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I’d totally support that.

As far as I understand it up to now, the transactions that lead to rewards happen on another layer, but nevertheless it’s kind of frustrating to not see the details in the “official” wallet and to not be able to trace these transactions in the “official” Fees just vanish into the thin air out of which the rewards appear, when they are claimed by a withdrawal from Yoroi or some transaction using them on Daedalus.

Even PoolTool gives a warning: “Please note that due to how we calculate rewards you may see some minor differences between daedalus and” (And we should not need a third party service to see such essential information, anyway.)

In order to verify that everything is handled correctly, the nodes have to know, where exactly fees are going and where exactly rewards are coming from, so it should be visible in a full node wallet like Daedalus and completely traceable in the main Cardano Explorer.

FWIW: I have summarised some of the missing, incomplete, intransparent information in the different block explorers, here: Comparison of Block Explorers