Questions about staking transaction list in the Daedalus wallet

So, there’s a feature in daedalus allowing to get the transaction list in CSV, but at each export there’s only one line with the current total. Which makes the feature useless, as the goal of this export could be value tracking for taxation purposes. A more useful feature would be to have the amount earned and the date of the epoch end (and if I dare to dream, the market value of the reward at that date in the chosen currency). Some countries require this tracking, it would be nice to have this.

Moreover, the wallet’s Rewards address (beginning with stake1) isn’t compatible with the Cardano explorer, as researching the address yields not results. What am I missing ? How should this address be used ?

Hi @GoJiTa972,

In my daedalus (windows version 4.0.5) when I go to the transactions tab of my wallet and press the export csv, I get as many rows as I have transactions. Do you have a filter active (button just right of the export button)? That is the only thing I can come up with as a reason or maybe there is an issue with mac version of daedalus.

Myself, I use to track all my coins, their value, profit/loss and tax. There are many other portfolio tools though.

If you go to the delegation center in daedalus and then select “rewards” you can export the rewards you have received too.

And try looking up your (rewards) address via this explorer will show you all your addresses and the rewards and more.

If you go to the rewards section in the Delegation Center, in the top right corner you also have an export CSV button as in the transaction tab, it’s this one I’m talking about.

Ah now I understand what you are looking for.

I suggest you use adapools. it has what you need including a tax overview of all your rewards:

Just replace this url with your own stake1… address.


This is perfect, thank you so much!

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