Daedalus feature for tax requirements

Please excuse me if this has been addressed previously.

As in my country (Australia) each staking reward payout is a taxable event, a feature within the Daedalus wallet to export these records in a CSV format including date/time, ADA amount and local currency value at the time of epoch completion. Currently these events are not shown in any form that I can find within the wallet, making it extremely hard to record and keep track of.

Hey @Liamj001

I agree that would be a really nice feature in Daedalus. How ever you can get such export already via Pooltool.io :slight_smile:


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Thanks for the reply Fabian and for this information. I’ll look into Pooltool.io, I wasn’t aware that this was available, I’m very appreciative.

However, I do think this would be a valuable feature if made available within the native wallet.

Thanks again Fabian.

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I agree. In USA rewards are a taxable event and require reporting.