Daedelus Wallet Should Provide Line Items for Each Staking Epoch [Taxes]

I have been thinking about taxes recently, and I am growing concerned about the potential tax trap that staking is going to create, at least here in the US. Because rewards are taxed as income, we will have to be calculating the tax burden after each epoch, or go back and see prices on each epoch end date and calculate the tax for each one.

Daedelus currently allows the CSV download, but only for the total current rewards. I think adding the line item for each reward date for the CSV download would clear up a ton of ambiguity for stakers. I really do not want to have to manually check in every week into a spreadsheet after each epoch cycle.

I am considering unstaking my ADA because of the massive headache I know this is going to cause. The ambiguous tax policies definitely aren’t helping.

There is pooltool.io which generates a tax report for you :slight_smile:


This is an awesome tool. Thank you.

Will be sharing this one far and wide.