For tax purposes. CSV file for staking rewards in Daedalus doesn't show timestamps or price of ADA. Yoroi file?


Will Daedalus improve the CSV file to not just show total rewards but also include timestamps and the price of ADA when received (per epoch)?

Also, I don’t see any file in Yoroi to download for this.


The information definitely exists to be able to add the timestamp, but how do yo add a price? What denomination (USD? EURO? CAD?)? Price on which exchange?

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At the end of every day there is a brief moment when the % increase/decrease for the previous 24hrs is re-set to zero.
Why not use that price?
And why not nominate a broker - eg Coinbank/Binance/Bittrex etc as the standard?

I know the Q was about Daedalus, but why not use the CSV file from the broker at which you purchased/sold, instead of the Daedalus files.
After all, they usually have the tax added to the numbers as well as the time of the transaction as well.

I am no expert - just a thought.

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If this can not be done in Daedalus (or it takes too much time) I think this is a great 3rd party opportunity: to create a tool that imports the CSV data, select currency and then uses historical price data to generate the tax information.

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For now I might just take the highest ADA was on the day an epoch finished / rewards deposited just to be on safe side. So after epoch 211, 212 and so on I’m going to take coinmarketcaps highest price that day. Now which day did each epoch end lol. Going to use to find that info.

ADAPOOLS.ORG actually shows the total amount of rewards per epoch AND the USD amount!!! It also has a tax icon you can click on and it lays it all out. This is awesome!

It shows all of the different currencies too.

Hello, do you still have this issue or not anymore ?
Appvalley TutuApp is a great tool for your 2020 tax records. Check out this walkthrough vid:
How to track and export your delegation rewards

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